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Diane Kalinowski

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1910 Thomes Ave.
Cheyenne, WY 82001-3527
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R. Herbert
Essex Fells, NJ

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The Educated Nanny

06/30/2009 7:39 AM

I applied with on April 27, 2009 to register my business with the State of New Jersey and to represent my business as the registered agent. After mailing them all of the documents (and I know that they received them as I mailed it with confirmation of delivery) I heard nothing for over a month. I emailed to check the status of my application and was told they never received the documents. The owner told me she would efile for me and waive the fee. Two weeks later I inquired about the status of the application and was told that we should have an answer by the end of the week. A week goes by with no word. I called the State this morning and the only paperwork ever filed was the reservation of the business name that I filed on my own. I have requested a refund and now I am starting the entire process over. I have lost three months of business because of this organization.

Agent response:

We prepared the documents within two days and emailed them to the client. After a few weeks, we followed up with our client because we had not received her paperwork back. On 06/09/09 we received the paperwork via fax which we submitted to the Secretary of State. Since the client had ordered a name reservation the filing was rejected because we didn’t have the reservation to include with the submittal. The rejection was very confusing and upsetting to our client and although we were unable to confirm there was a reservation on the name and did our best to file in a timely manner, we understand how frustrating this process can be when we experience filing delays. To complete the filing as quickly as we could at that time, we went ahead and paid the Secretary of State expedite service fee. We look forward to a long relationship with our client and we’re happy we were able to get everything filed and on track.

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